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12;42 AM sex predator 42

Teddy 🐻 + myself switched toilet seat to pee.Satan was acting me now listening to my girlfriend

Damn n word type of illiterate

Dear Diary

Jacking off radio host hugest problem never taken seriously by host

He’s going to blowAll it took- crooked thief says
He swallowed

Jack off just sits on penis with no hands free to place a call… 11 more words

Dear Diary

Look retard child

” Hold up” your penis as your staring to Jack off must be upright

Bounce this off
Screw you Satan

Stair case means your jacking off… 8 more words

Dear Diary

Look your the "hold up" jack

A all you do is jack your dick according to English, police, America

Wants sex in Novi to Jack off to

Your the enrmy of America… 14 more words

Dear Diary


It’s been a long time since I have written. I get ‘couchbound’ where I can’t do anything. It’s where I am right now.

I have so many things to take care of. 314 more words

Dear Diary

Devil Doesn't comprehend it's the occasion to Jack off while hiding watching us in bedroom

That’s what police + world think about him hiding

Peeping tom

I said yelling while peeing radio host was too busy jacking his dick

Stupid Perverter perp darn sitting duck… 73 more words

Dear Diary

I miss you

I miss you, I miss staring at you, I miss catching you stare at me, I miss your kisses, I miss the butterflies I get in my stomach when I’m around you, I miss getting nervous around you, I miss hugging you, I miss wrapping my arms around you, I rubbing on your beard, I miss you teasing me, I miss you giving me a hard time, I miss you making me blush, I miss your compliments, so much more I could say but just know I miss you

Dear Diary