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Eyes Saw Dirty Jobs with Michael Rowe

Eyes saw How It’s Made, you don’t help the World at all radio keep me locked up then stalk till I pay with silver weight. … 67 more words

Dear Diary

This Is Government & Military Only Cause he cares about himself only all 5 Yank weiners

Yankees yanking our wallets & pocket purses laughing forgetting about 5 O’Clock News got em

Eye don’t pick up for them Reds, their stealing my homework & still picking on me like birds of prey. 222 more words

Dear Diary

Audio Post $ Stop Your Jaw Dropping Wacko Self On Air ABout Drawers, Bras, Towels Dropping


Don’t you want to be sonebody, find a new career path we Not having aIllunibati teach you cannot do that either after giving cash, yellow my phone only way & you don’t offer our bodies like we will always be your sluts.  15 more words

Dear Diary

Open Door and 1 of 5 Flashers Switches Flashing Line

For betting on better sound quality, use the flashing line in her Pontiac. Windows closed so is apartment, we,we using screen door with this Glass that never goes away. 219 more words

Dear Diary

Americans Hatred For AM & FM State Clearly Shows How Much All Love 2 Soldiers

Eye thank you for the crimes to show you love her & eye. Clearly their possessed & only think of eye. Want to hear stories of the cowards at towers, make US laugh in future. 26 more words

Dear Diary

Stop Manipulating Me Bragging to Streets

Still leering at radio all channels got my Eye on you naughty girls & boys!

There’s a big in my shower water Kool-Aide and bug in we,we… 100 more words

Dear Diary