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Chapter 4.18: Dear Diary, the Blushing Oath Pendant (Pt. 1)

Dear Diary, look at these two, growing by leaps and bounds! And, finally, they have hair! Rosetta’s has come in the same color as Xalen’s, in rich and thick reddish-brown waves. 2,872 more words

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booomcha Turns 2!

As you’ve no doubt guessed by the title of this post and the featured photo, today, January 16th, is booomcha’s (and Noble Doubt’s) two year anniversary! 454 more words

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Chapter 4.17: Dear Diary, Who's Your Daddy?

Author’s Note: This chapter begins with some catching up on old characters, including extended family. If this does not interest you (in which case, I wouldn’t blame you lol), please scroll until you reach the cat whiskers divider where the story mainly starts.  4,245 more words

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Chapter 4.16: Dear Diary, the Neptune Foundation

Author’s Note: Please forgive the greenish lighting of the first three pictures. I usually have my lunar settings so that a full moon does not occur, but forgot in this case with this save and so, we were having a zombie apocalypse before I realized. 2,502 more words

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Chapter 4.15: Dear Diary, I'm Trying... Very Trying

Content Warning: the “sh–” word x 1. :)

Babies? As in more than one?” Xalen exclaimed at my slip of the tongue.

Dear Diary, yes, I was still in a locked vault with Xalen and having contractions about every eight minutes. 2,245 more words

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Stella and Gordon Go on a Date

Author’s Note: I thought I’d give you a peek at another save file I’m playing. Meet Stella and Gordon Adair. They live in 1920s Roaring Heights. 428 more words

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Featured Author, an Interview with Jes2G

Happy timezones! Today, you are in store for a special treat! Recently, I interviewed Jes2G (Stories by Jes2G) who is one of my favorite writers! 2,055 more words

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