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Weekly Ramblings #22 - science fair

Having never lived in the States or really participated in a typical science fair until 9th grade, I can’s say I have much experience doing one. 127 more words


What's Wrong With Me?

Hi Navigators,

I have no idea what I’m doing right now. I want to blog but I feel really low and unmotivated right now. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I have been in this horrible slump for about a month now. 1,448 more words



I had some academic errands and tests to do recently so sorry for the idleness.

Man, the bc/hormone pills are also making me waaayy drowsy than before. 232 more words

No time for a cold

There you have it, I caught the cold.  Granted I am pretty determined to out run it.

There is just no time for a cold.  It came on Saturday afternoon, was full on by Monday and now Tuesday I am on the down hill side.  266 more words


Week 23 & 24 – Last Train out of Melbourne’s Almost Gone

The train from Melbourne to Sydney is 12 hours long, and if anyone ever wanted a front row seat to deep Australian culture, I cannot recommend it enough. 2,056 more words


Le Boreon and Refuge de Cougorde 20/02/18

We picked up David and Suzanne in St. Martin. Up to Le Boreon. Onto snow shoes and then up and up for 500m of ascent. 125 more words


Sunday (Well, really Monday) Reflections

It’s late and chilly. I’m under a heavy blanket, finding the sound of the quiet relaxing and comforting. I didn’t have to work today so it’s my Sunday. 595 more words