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Whenever I want to and need to write about my pain, I lose all the words. The world of language falls down. I try to pick the pieces and help them join together but then I get hurt myself. 68 more words

Shaheen Mumtaz

Letter to Dear Diaries

To my dear diaries, who left me too:

One day a child of sensation got the idea of scribbling the painful notes on the blank pages of a diary. 201 more words

Shaheen Mumtaz

Finding the Truth

With dreams I caught my desires
And turned towards the higher plan
I turned around, round and round
And went to find the truth

Oh what truth you are seeking for? 376 more words


Life of a Crystal

Life tried to come closer but like the delicate crystal chandelier upon touch, she broke away in an instant. Shattered into million and zillion of microscopic pieces. 43 more words

Shaheen Mumtaz